Project partner update | Strategies of Persuasion (STRAPPA), Helsinki University

This April saw the first of Reframing Russia’s planned partnership events with Helsinki University’s Strategies of Persuasion in an Algorithmic Age (STRAPPA) project. Dr Precious Chatterje-Doody attended Aleksanteri Institute as a Visiting Researcher to liaise with the project and presented some of Reframing Russia’s latest research at a joint workshop on “Persuasion, conspiracy thinking and the securitisation of information in Russia and beyond”. You can read Dr Chatterje-Doody’s interview with STRAPPA here.

This research visit marked just the first of a number of planned collaborations between Reframing Russia and STRAPPA, and helped set the groundwork for a joint panel proposal to this year’s Aleksanteri institute annual conference, as well as a jointly-hosted standalone research workshop planned for later this year.


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