British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies conference, Cambridge 12-14 April.

From the 12 April – 14 April members of the project attended and presented at the annual BASEES conference which took place at Robinson College, Cambridge. BASEES is the UK national learned society for the study of Russia, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union and the conference is one of the largest of its kind, comprising of over 400 participants from the UK, continental Europe and North America as well as Russia and Eastern Europe. You can find out more about BASEES here.

The team from Manchester put together a panel entitled Reframing Russia for the global mediasphere: from Cold War to ‘information war’? which consisted of three separate papers. Professor Stephen Hutchings presented ‘Rethinking Information War: The Spies Who Came Back From the Snow’ which was co-authored with Professor Vera Tolz and Dr Precious Chatterje-Doody. Also, two of our affiliated PhD students presented papers related to their current research projects. Connell Beggs presented his paper entitled ‘Navigating a Crisis: The Russian Orthodox Church’s Shifting Framing during the Conflict in Ukraine’ and Lucy Birge gave a paper called ‘Projecting Russia onto the Global Media Ecology: the Case of Sputnik’.

Earlier in the day, in a panel entitled ‘Mediation, Reception, and Memory of Sports Mega Events in Russia and Beyond: From Cold War to ‘Information War’, another affiliated PhD student, Vitaly Kazakov, presented ‘From Sochi 2014 to Russia 2018: (Social) Media Memory and Interpretation of Russian Mega-Events’. He was joined by Dr Rhys Crilley from The Open University who gave a paper called ‘Reframing Russia through Football: Analysing RT’s World Cup 2018 Reporting and Audience Reception’ which was co- authored with Professor Marie Gillespie and Dr Alistair Willis, also from the OU.

Individual paper abstracts can be found here and in our ‘Publications’ section.

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