Our latest articles: Russia’s media manipulation isn’t neo-Soviet propaganda and a ban on RT isn’t the answer

Latest articles

Photo by GiantsFanatic, Creative Commons

In this batch of recent articles, members of the Reframing Russia team have taken a wide-ranging look at what’s happening in the global media following the poisoning of the Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, and why UK responses to date leave something to be desired:

For The Conversation, Prof Tolz and Dr Chatterje-Doody outline four things you need to know about Russia’s media manipulation strategies, and why conventional approaches to analysing censorship and propaganda just aren’t up to the task.

Over on the AHRC blog, Dr Crilley looks into the reasons audiences seek out alternative news providers, showing a number of reasons why any move by the UK to ban RT would be counter productive.

For the LSE Policy blog, Prof Hutchings delves into the deeper reasons why all of this matters: because as we proceed on faulty assumptions about Russia’s propaganda machine, we feed a cycle of mistrust and escalation that makes a long-term resolution much more challenging.

Finally, in a blog post for Policy @ Manchester, Prof Hutchings examines the role RT plays in Russia’s ongoing ‘War on Truth’ and offers advice as to how UK security policymakers can address the challenges posed by the television network.

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